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Patented Guitar-Shaped Air Fresheners

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The "Must Have" for every music lover....

Our Electric Guitar collection

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Note:  To make things easier, we have added a number under each design, next to the fragrance. 

When ordering, please reference these numbers to assure that you get the exact items you want.

When you think of guitars, what do you think of? Thousands of people we are proud to claim as our customers now think of air fresheners because Rock 'n Aroma, Inc. has got guitar-shaped air fresheners shipping to retailers across the country, and around the world.

Everyone who loves music wants to have one hanging from their rear-view mirror, so don't miss this opportunity to get these in your store.

This is no cheesy little square of scented cardboard!  Each air freshener is approximately 7 " long.  Our artwork is detailed, the colors are vivid, and we choose only high-quality, popular fragrances so we are certain that everyone will find something they love.

Each air freshener comes individually sealed in plastic and is premarked with an industry standard UPC-A barcode.

Product is available in any quantity of any of the design choices on this page and on the MORE DESIGNS page.  Most retailers are buying 100 piece assortments, but you can order as little as 12 pieces to get started. And, of course, you can order in volume to see an even greater return.

It's your choice.

For pricing and additional information on our company and products, or for a list of retailer locations in your area, you can email us or you can call
Rock 'n Aroma directly by calling us at 1-908-790-1156.  




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